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I am an artist who fell in love with body art. I do all sorts of custom designs . Sit down with me and discuss your ideas and we will come up with a custom piece most suited for you, 'Our Client'. We use 'state of the art' equipment and supplies. Everyone that works in our shop is certified in ' Bloodborne Pathogens & Infection Control'. We run a clean Hep C Free Zone. Not into Tattoos but love to get body jewelery, no problem ... we have very professional staff who will even deal with your most discrete piercings.

Feel free to call or text anytime, ask for ~G~

~G~ has been in the art world his entire life. He graduated from Wexford C.I. School of the Arts with honours. Body art has always been his passion. He's not afraid to tackle any piece of art with any medium. Ink has always been his favorite form. He draws all of his art right in our studio and is excited about taking on custom pieces. He loves to use colour.

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